Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Lately, in science,we have been trying to find a way to roast a marshmallow without using electricity or fire. Our ideas were to set up mirrors that reflect sunlight onto the marshmallows but that wouldn't create enough heat, so we decided to use my super powerful magnifying-glass of death! So (of course) we ended up getting first!

Friday, 13 May 2016

What we're learning in science

for science we are learning about heat. we learned about all the aspects of heat including: Particle theory, Thermal energy, and lots more! Now we are in the middle of working on our heat menu project, where we have to do a whole bunch of labs and write down everything we learned about heat.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Passion Project

At the start of the year I chose to make a game for my passion project and my Driving question was “What makes a perfect video game.”   I was pretty sure that would be a good driving question and topic to base my passion project off of because I play lots of video games and they interest me. At the same time i was thinking about what I can do that includes tanks because tanks are another one of my interests if not more of an interest to me. After a couple of days of deciding if i should keep making my video game or if I should make another project including tanks. I ended up deciding to make a new passion project about tanks because they are more my passion and tanks interest me more.The title for my new passion project is “Is It Possible To Make A Nearly Invincible Tank?”

Here is a paragraph of my research about chobham armour:

Chobham Armour

Though the exact materials that make chobham armour are kept secret, it is made of
ceramic tiles encased in a metal matrix and attached to a backing plate with several elastic layers. Because of the extreme hardness of the ceramics used, it is extremely impact resistant and shatters incoming projectiles. Because the ceramic is so brittle, the first projectile does not enter smoothly—as it would when penetrating a normal metal—but causes the ceramic to become jagged, causing the next projectile to bend, shatter or change direction therefore  decreasing its penetrative capabilities. Chobham armour is so good, a Challenger 2 tank became stuck in a ditch while fighting in Basra against Iraqi forces during the second Iraq war and the crew remained safe inside the tank for many hours until rescue while it was being pelted by enemy fire including rocket propelled grenades.

Monday, 7 December 2015

YELLOW WARBLERDendroica-petechia-001.jpg
Setophaga petechia

The american warbler is a common bird in north america and mostly lives in the U.S.A and northern canada while in winter they migrate to southern California, southern Florida, and as far south as Peru.

SIZE: Adult warblers are usually 10-18 centimeters long and their wingspan is usually 20 centimeters long.

COLOUR: Yellow Warblers are yellow birds. Males are a bright yellow with reddish streaks on their underparts. Both genders have yellow patches on their tails. The face is usually not marked, but has the large black eyes.

HABITAT NEEDS: Yellow warblers live in thickets and forests particularly close to rivers and streams during the breeding season
DIET:  Yellow warbler mostly eat small insects such as midges, caterpillars, beetles, leafhoppers and other bugs, and wasps.
HUMAN IMPACT:  Although the Yellow Warbler is quite numerous and there is no concern of extinction, The population has been slowly declining since 1966 . The grazing of rangelands can degrade Yellow Warbler nesting habitat, particularly stands of willow trees along creeks.  Although deforestation  can  destroy yellow warbler nests because of the destruction of theirhabitats.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

For my passion project I am going to create an awesome but simple video game with VB! My driving question is- What Creates The Best Video Game. So far I am researching my question.

Monday, 21 September 2015


Centennial... Our new school is awesome so far and we're off to a great start! I already love all my classes including science, English, phys-ed, math, French, art and geography! This Friday there is a special day called spirit day where we all do fun stuff such as playing games in our classroom and outside on the tarmac and the field.